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We are a manufacturer of biocompost under the brand of Natural Compose.

Our biocompost comprises empty fruit bunch (EFB), palm oil mill effluent, high grade effective microbes and also duck dung.

natural-compose-fertilizer-7litres   natural-compose-fertilizer-40kg

                             7 litres                                                                      40 Kg


Benefit of Natural Compose Fertilizer
  • Improves the physical structure of the soil
  • Contains high microbial activity which makes it an excellent soil conditioner
  • Promotes soil fertility and increases water retention capacity
  • Improves water circulation and soil aeration which aids in the strengthening of root system
  • Helps to close the "metabolic gap" through recycling waste on-site
  • Detoxifies pollutants in the soil and rapidly catalzes the breakdown of toxins


Technical Data
Content Value
NPK 6-8%
MgO 1-2%
Organic Matter 99.9%
pH 7-8
Moisture <25%
Humic Acid 10-12%
Fulvic Acid 25-30%


Ordering Information
Cat No Discription
NCF-40KG Natural Compose Fertilizer – Jumbo Bag, 40kg per bag
NCF-7L Natural Compose Fertilizer – Small Bag, 7 litres / 3kg per bag